Madera Grove Estates - AMENITIES

A world of first-rate pleasures

Children's candid joys and giggles Friends' boundless play.
Heartwarming family reunions.

All set against a backdrop of masterfully crafted amenities, beautifully green and open spaces, you can relish all these simple bonding moments as some of the many priceless experiences for your family.

A world of absolute joy

Kids' evening garden camp out.
Romantic early morning jogs with the hubby.
Quiet and lazy rainy days with the family.

Nothing beats the luxury of worry-free living. When everything you need is well taken care of, peace of mind is never far behind. And as Avida Land's premiere project in Bulacan, Madera Grove Estates offers you nothing less than the best.

The totality of the entire community of Madera Grove Estates is a picturesque of a very progressive yet peaceful place where residents are truly protected from within. The entire community is pampered by green lush trees providing cool and clean air, free for everyone to enjoy. You’ll sleep safe and sound without the usual ear-breaking noises from the streets. Chances, you’ll wake up each morning feeling recharged because of the unparalleled serenity of the whole place.

Added to these built-in goodness of Madera Grove Estates, Avida Land generously provided a long list of amenities and similar facilities that would enhance the day to day experiences of all residents. Resort inspired amenities, wider access roads, these among others, will help make you appreciate a simple yet modern life within Madera Estates.

Here’s the list of available amenities and similar facilities:

Wide Lawn Area. Free for everyone to enjoy. Weekend family picnics, kids’ night campout, casual morning strolling for couples, individual quiet moment with nature, all these can be freely done here. The wide lawn is fully maintained, well grass carpeted with trees lining up on regular intervals.

Multi-Purpose Area. One of the great structures provided by Avida Land for all Madera Grove residents to enjoy private family affairs for birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays and others. This can also accommodate community affairs and for socialization. Fronting the multi-purpose are is the lap pool.

Swimming Pools. Located right next to where the multipurpose hall is located. This is a perfect place for employed residents to relieve their stress at night and similarly to make friends and socialize with other residents. The pool is designed and constructed wide enough to accommodate a large number of pool users at one time. The pool is supplied with pool chairs for the convenience of everyone. Resting tents are also present in between the short distance of the pool and the multi-purpose hall.

Landscaped Entrances. The facade is always considered as the face of the community inside so the entrance to the inner community circle of Madera Groves was perfectly created to serve that summarizing look. The fully landscaped entrances provide a homey and welcoming aura for all residents. Simply a picture of a laidback community background with the elegance of modern architecture and first class amenities.

Basketball Court. This is a great place to promote fitness and wellness among male residents who are often times unable to go to their favorite gym to sweat their bodies out while playing basketball. Also a great place for neighbors to become friends and allies.

Provisional Tents. These are great outdoor shades to spend time enjoying the view of the community, the pool and the cool atmosphere from within. These provisional tents are gazebo-like tents here everyone can enjoy solitary moments or with friends.

Jogging Path and exercise areas. Spending your beautiful mornings with a simple brisk walk or jog around our large roads and pathways is very important for matured individuals, even for the young. Within our grounds, you can do these morning rituals without the usual concern for your security.  

  • Wide Lawn Area
  • Multi-purpose Area
  • Clubhouse
  • Play Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate
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